Vegetables & Herbs - 

          What garden is complete without fresh vegetables? Growing your own vegetables and herbs in your garden provides healthy, chemical-free foods for you and your family. We carry vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, green and red bell peppers, and even watermelon. Our herbs include rosemary, oregano, mint, basil, thyme, cilantro and sage.

Seasonal Color -

          Majority of annuals require full sun, or at least 6 to 8 hours daily. We bring in trucks frequently to keep a fresh supply of color to your garden. Seasonal color is the final touch that a yard or garden needs. From Impatiens, to Marigolds, and Pansies, Arrowhead Nursery will be your favorite choice for color.

Ground Cover - 

           Used to protect against erosion and drought, ground cover gives a garden some added interest. Ground cover includes vines, mosses, ornamental grasses, and spreading shrubs. To find out what best fits your space, come by and let us help you.

Shrubs, Ferns & Grasses - 

           Whether for lining your yard or accenting a garden, our wide selection of shrubbery and grasses will fit the need perfectly. Our expert staff can help you determine the perfect addition to your garden, whatever the use.

Mulch & Top Soil - 

           Arrowhead Nursery offers pro-mix, as well as painted black and natural brown mulch by the yard at competitive prices. It makes a home's garden look cleaner and well kept, and a business' yard look professional. Our mulch is made locally and is always of excellent quality.

Fertilizer & Plant Food - 

          Arrowhead Nursery offers a variety of bagged goods including fertilizers, weed control, insect, and disease sprays to keep your garden looking beautiful, healthy, and thriving. We offer herbicides, fungicide, ant killers, and weed preventer. We also carry soil conditioners, bedding plant food, tree and shrub plant food, root stimulator, and fish emulsion. We have the solution to your plant's needs. We can help your garden grow to its full potential.


Trees - 

           Whatever kind of tree you are looking for, fruit, nut, evergreen, deciduous, or flowering, we have what you're looking for. We always keep ball and burlap as well as container trees in stock. Arrowhead Nursery is focused on customer satisfaction. If we don't have the exact tree you want, we'll order it, or help you find it. Our ball and burlap trees are the highest quality trees you will find. When quality and competitive prices meet, you're the winner.

Sod - 

           We offer Palisade Zoysia, Bermuda and Meyers Zoysia. Whether you're looking for a few pieces or a few pallets, we can help get you what you need. We can help you decide which is best for your yard. Palisade Zoysia is known for its low water use, as well as shade and heat tolerance. Meyers Zoysia grows best in partial shade, while Bermuda, one of the most persistent, prefers full sun. Contact us for current availability and ordering.

Products we offer: